Benito Mussolini Influence

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Benito Mussolini’s life as a child was very difficult because of his violent actions. Mussolini was the eldest of three children with a catholic school teacher mother and a blacksmith father who had a passion for socialism. From a young age, Mussolini showed great intelligence; however because of his father’s disregard for authority, Mussolini followed into his footsteps by breaking the rules at school by bullying, hurting other children and even stabbing another child with a pocket knife, which caused him to be expelled from numerous schools. After many problems Mussolini eventually earned a degree as a school teacher, despite this a couple of years later he left his career as an educator to become a journalist. During his career as a journalist Mussolini was drafted into World War I; subsequently, Mussolini came back from World War I a changed man with one goal in mind… a Fascist party. As you can see Mussolini’s father was a bad influence that led him to become a violent man that would later become a ruthless dictator …show more content…
The Italian combat squad was formed by 200 smaller groups which would later grow in size to become known as the Blackshirts. As Mussolini’s popularity grew two years prior from the start of the Italian combat squad, the first fascist party was started. After the first fascist party was created Mussolini was finally let into the government and eventually became the youngest and 27th prime minister of Italy; despite this Mussolini would not have been elected had the fascist party not have a plebiscite election during the “March on Rome.” Not long after Mussolini was declared El Duce, meaning the leader or the boss. From the moment Mussolini became the prime minister of Italy he ultimately became the first fascist

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