Benefits Of Using A Quantitative Methodology Essay example

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Utilizing a quantitative methodology is a standard practice for generating a model for understanding the effects of the technostress phenomenon in a population of higher education professionals (Alleyne, 2012; Amayah, 2013). Some of the benefits of using a quantitative methodology include utilizing a postpositivist worldview, utilizing surveys with predetermined answers, using unbiased approaches, standards of validity and reliability, testing hypotheses and theories, and generalizing results about a population (Phoenix et al., 2013; Yilmaz, 2013).
The postpositivist worldview is a philosophical assumption promoting the principle that many answers exist about a single phenomenon (Phoenix et al., 2013). The nature of the postpositivist worldview is deterministic but also reductionistic (Jennings, 2015). Postpositivism is acknowledging that there is an objective reality never completely understood because of the infinite number of variables and complexities of variables related to a phenomenon (Meissner, 2016). Postpositivist researchers achieve determinism by assessing cause and effect when studying variables associated with the phenomenon under study. Postpositivists also have the ability of achieving reductionism by reducing complex ideas of the phenomenon into measurable variables, such as variables used in the proposed study (Eagly & Riger, 2014). The postpositivist knowledge claim provides benefit when conducting this research because the results promises some of the…

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