Benefits Of The United States Essay

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Benefits of the UCC
The benefits accrued from the UCC include the growth of interstate transactions, the standardization of commercial expectations, commercial stability, and business or operational cost reductions. In terms of the impact on interstate transactions, the uniformity of commercial laws arising through the UCC translates to more effective and efficient interstate commerce. In the absence of the UCC, business people operating across state lines would have to contend with a numerous legal requirements that differ across individual states (Rasmussen 1097-1098). As a result, the UCC helps avoid the complexity and difficulties that would accompany the differences in state commercial laws during the movement of products or materials across jurisdictions.
Another crucial benefit from the UCC occurs because the code helps business enjoy standardized commercial expectations and the associated positives. In this case, effective and efficient business transactions significantly depend on anticipating how such transactions will be executed and concluded, which is possible through the UCC (Miller and Boss 1-2). The standardization of business expectations also eliminates speculation and allows businesspeople to plan, budget, and undertake operations without interruptions that would be necessitated by the need to review changing state codes. The aforementioned standardization and the written nature of provisions and contracts under the UCC also translate to the advantage of…

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