Organic Food

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Organic food is free of manmade additions like antibiotics. Organic produce is simply food radiation. This type of food has become very popular around the world, mostly because they realized grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, modified organisms, or ionizing some of the benefits that come with it.
The sales of organic food have increased as more consumers are becoming aware of the benefits you receive from it. A major benefit is greater antioxidant value which are nutrients found in fruits and vegetables, help prevent many cancers. Another benefit is that it reduces the exposure of pesticides. Organic food also reduces antibiotic exposure, which means it disrupt the normal flora of the human gut.
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Studies have shown that switching to organic fruit and vegetables could give the same benefits as adding one or two portions of the recommended "five a day". The only difference between these two foods are the way they are produced and processed. Organic production means avoiding fertilizers, pesticides, and growth regulators.
.One of the most noticeable benefits of organic food is that it improves your energy by a lot. It has been shown that organic food carries way less pesticides than commercial products. They are also not treated with waxes and preservatives. Organic food comes with higher nutritional value than convenient food. This can be because the plants that are grown in the natural soil boost their production of vitamins and antioxidants. Up to the 1920’s, all agriculture was generally organic. On the second World War the farming methods changed drastically. The modern organic movement originated in Europe while some farmers were experimenting with the alternatives to the industrialization of agriculture. J.I Rodale also helped with the development of it around the 1940’s. By the 1970’s environmental awareness and consumer demand fueled the growth of the organic
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It can also be found at farmers market, family farms, local harvest just to name a few. Some companies even sell organic products online where people can order their stuff and receive it in the mail in a few weeks. Although for some countries it may be rare or hard to find organic food because of local production or companies. If this kind of food keeps on getting popular it will be way more common and may even be as usual to seeing it at a store next to regular food. The major difference that everybody knows between organic and non-organic food is that organic food has way less than the other one. Organic food also has more antioxidant compounds. The farming from these two are also a major difference. Non-Organic farming means that farmers use conventional methods to increase plant growth, organic farmers would instead use natural fertilizers like manure or compost to feed the soil. Organic foods are richer in nutritional value, particularly in organic acids and polyphonic compounds. The price tag for these foods are also one of the most noticeable

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