Benefits Of Liberal Arts Education

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American History’s Contributions to a Liberal Arts Education
To have a liberal arts education in today’s society brings a major advantage in many aspects of life. Not only is the liberal arts teachings one of the oldest forms in American history, but it is established in many of the greater distinguished universities in the country. Liberal arts education poses a great chance to learn how to think, instead of what to think. It basis its teachings on the thoughts of Plato, Augustine, and many other great philosophers which helps students train themselves on many different views of life to help them grow in wisdom and faith. One major teaching of the liberal arts is history. History plays a big role in liberal arts because it teaches the student
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American history teaches about each war and philosophies that built this country. Already being taught how to think from the liberal arts, the student can learn from the past of our great hero, thus self-teaching the student what NOT to think. For example, American history teaches us of many Europeans traveling to America to settle with the native settlers. Consequently, many of these Europeans dies through many diseases including smallpox. The student of a liberal arts education with the teachings of logic and philosophy is now wise to the idea that traveling to other countries may pose a risk to their health. Likewise, world war two caused the United States to become more prejudice against the Japanese. Because of our countries patriotism view, the country marveled in the chance to participate in a second world war after being a large contributor to the first. This however caused American to undergo the “red scare” and build internment camp for the Japanese. This example an teach the Liberal arts student that war only leads to discrimination, but with the teaching of the liberal arts the next great liberal arts leader can sway away from

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