Benefits Of Kenya 's Tourism Development Essay

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3. The Benefits of Kenya’s Tourism Development
The tourism industry is the pillar of Kenya’s national economy and its major mission is to revive the country’s ailing economy. However, the Kenya government encountered conflicts with local residents when building nature reserves, the outcome of which was that Maasai were forced to give up grazing, farming and prohibited from hunting (Hubert,2012).
Kenya’s tourism development has brought the country foreign capital that makes up for national expenses. Kenya focuses on exporting agricultural products in exchange for industrial imports, which is potentially harmful to Kenya’s economic development as international trades are susceptible to the price change in the global market. The prosperity of the tourism industry relieves the effects of the adverse of international balances, which improves Kenya’s economic infrastructure (N.D. 2014).
The development of tourism in Kenya creates more job opportunities for local people, and as a tool to against poverty to develop social facilities. Since the early nineties, the world population has seen a rapid increase faster than economic growth (Max, 2015), and Kenya mirrors Africa’s population growth. For this reason, the unemployment rate raised to over 40% in Kenya (CIA, 2015) to exacerbate the poverty problems. Thus, developing tourism could be a good way to deal with this problem because it effective promotes the development of many relative industries and increases job opportunities. In…

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