Essay on Benefits Of Increasing Breast Cancer Screening Among Women

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This research will discuss the benefits of increasing breast cancer screening among women. I am interested in this topic because of my personal experiences with friends who are diagnosed with breast cancer. The more evidence based information that can be provided to women about the benefits of early screening will allow them to make an informed decision. The majority of death that occurs from breast cancer occurs in women who were not screened or did not get screened often (Rosenberg, 2013).
The recommendation for breast cancer screening by the United States Preventative Services Task Force is for women fifty to seventy four to be screened every two years with a mammogram and it’s optional for some women under fifty. Studies show that women who have regular mammogram have to 10-25 % survival higher than those who did not have routine mammograms (Jin, 2014).
Question 1. What are some of the contributing factors why some women who do not get regular screening mammogram? By identifying the reasons why some women do not get regular screenings mammograms, we provide information on how to address the causes.
Question 2. What are the risk factors for the development of breast cancer? Educating women about their risk of developing breast cancer will provide them with a clearer picture and allows them to make an informed decision. One of the leading causes of mortality and disability in the United States is breast cancer. Clinical breast exam and mammography are the main means…

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