Benefits Of Genetically Modified Crops Essay

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The amount of attention of genetically modified crops and their excessive use in the everyday food has increased in the last decades and with this the concern of the general public to the origin, production, advantages and disadvantages of GM crops (1). In contrast with the natural evolution and spontaneous genetic mutation, GMOs have been genetically modified for and specific outcomes. The selective bred of animals and plants have been produced since the oldest time, manipulating genes to obtain the grates benefits. However, this process was slow and took many generations to occur and the breeding would not have the ability to choose the desired gene (2). Since the discover of DNA, genome, mutagenesis, genetic engineering, plant transgenesis, and plant biotechnology; the exponential production of GMO has increased in the market with high commercial adaptation from many nations such as USA, Mexico, India, China, south America and many developing countries. World side food supply is based on crops such as rice, wheat, corn, potatoes, sugarcane, beans, soybeans, coconuts and bananas, so it is smart to target those crops to increase production and crop tolerance by generating transgenic plants. These crops have been a great success with specific examples such as golden rice and bananas vaccine that had helped thousands of people in developing countries, but there are still important factors that the general public have about the advantages, misperception and risk of GMOs. In…

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