Benefits Of Casual Sex

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Casual sex is a very controversial topic. Many view casual sex as psychologically damaging, harmful to society, and even dangerous. But these critics fail to acknowledge the benefits of casual sex, especially from the perspective of women. In the essay, I will argue that women should have casual sex because it is ultimately empowering because it increases confidence, emotional stability, and releases inhibition. Casual sex allows women to be in control of their own sexuality and free from established sexual norms. With casual sex being so prevalent in society women should take advantage of the new found freedom. Women have been told since the beginning of time “that sex is this precious gift that is only to be given away in the most idyllic circumstances.” (Donato, 2012) This view of female sexuality is archaic and demeaning. Purely physical sexual relationships give women the opportunity to discover sexual depths that would not be explored otherwise. From casual sex, women can determine how they want to be …show more content…
She believes that the “dominant culture in this country—one forged by the apparently opposed forces of male sexual desire and female empowerment—has abandoned girls in every possible respect.” (Flanagan, 2016) Flanagan argues that girls want to be “immersed in romance,” (Flanagan, 2016) and are selling themselves short with random sexual escapades. Women who are having casual sex or “engaging in no-strings-attached, semi-anonymous fellatio” (Flanagan, 2016) do not require precious treatment, love, and male patience. Women who have sex with virtual strangers can not demand to be seen as an object greater than temporary pleasure. Women want to experience overwhelming kindness, compassion, and empathy, which is not being received in casual sex situations. Flanagan’s biggest concern about casual sex is that women lose their ultimate power to make men settle down, commit, respect, and appreciate sex and

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