Benefits Of Assisted Robotic Surgery Essays

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Doctors have been doing surgeries for decades on human patients helping them lead a healthier life. Every year there are technological advances that help us in our everyday life. Some are more beneficial to specific professions while some are for the general public. One technological advance that has helped humans in many ways is assisted robotic surgery. Robotic surgeries are not uncommon but they aren’t used in everyday hospital settings. The machine is hand controlled by surgeons with a computer system several feet away from the patient. The parts of the robots include three- four armed robots with a tiny video camera attached to one of the longer arms. Small surgical instruments are present at the end of the other arms. Assisted robotics surgery is helpful in some surgical setting where minute movement is available. There are many advantages when doing a robotic surgery however there are also some disadvantages. Throughout the years incidents have been filed where the robotic arm caused a problem during surgery. One case showed that one of the arms started to continuously hit a patient that was lying on the operating table. Other troubling cases report where the robotic hand fails to let go of the tissue that it had grabbed during surgery. Eventually they had to shut down the whole system in order for the arm to release its grasp. There was also an incident in 2012 where a patient’s blood vessel was accidently nicked, which led to her death. (Press, 2013). Robotics…

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