Benefits Of A Social Security Essay

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Introduction Social Security, the program that has helped so many Americans support themselves during retirement, is going to see a change in the coming years. This program, according to the Social Security website, by the year 2014, provided 61% of its beneficiaries with at least half of their income ("Fast Facts & Figures About Social Security, 2016", 2016). We as Americans almost depend on this program to secure our futures when we retire. There is no telling where some of that 61 percent would be if not for Social Security. So, when we come to find out that there may not be a Social Security for much longer, or at least not like what is currently available, we can’t help but wonder what is going to have to be done so that retirees can continue to receive the benefits they’ve been promised for so many years.
Everyone has heard about the Great Depression that began after the stock market crash of 1929, and everyone knows that it was a terrible time for almost every American. People were poor and broken and they felt that their country had failed them, and it had considering the condition of its people. Though the Great Depression was a low point in the United States of America’s history, it eventually made its comeback, and that was at least partially due to a president that did everything in his power to try to bring the U.S. back to a state of prosperity. That president was Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States. In this effort to…

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