Benefits Of A Long Lifespan Essay

718 Words May 31st, 2016 3 Pages
Having a long lifespan is what many people wanted. Actually, people today live longer than people in the past. Scientists are planning to create a drug that could help people to live longer and stay young. This research will discuss the possible advantages and disadvantages for live for a long time.
Scientists have studied for many years to find the way that could help people who wanted to live longer. These scientists create a pill that may make people live longer and healthier (TED lecture). On the other hand, many people believe that healthy food and healthy diet can make people live longer (Birmingham) other people said that science has developed for that they have longer live than before. In fact, live longer could be possible on the future because the scientists are working to make this pill good for the people. These scientists tested this pill in animals. These pills are created to make people able to live longer and stay young so anyone seas the person who taken this pill will think he or she younger than his or her real age (TED lecture).
One of the most important advantages for live longer is stay young and healthy. In 2011 the scientists started thinking to make a drug can make people stay young and healthy (TED lecture). These drugs have specific form which can mess in body’s hormones and make people stay young and away from the sicknesses (TED lecture). For example, if people took this drugs they can not guess each other ages because they look like young…

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