Benefits Of A Healthy And Sustainable Area Essay

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Having a healthy and sustainable area in the environment is very important, especially in a town or city so people can get the fresh air that they need. The plants can also help to absorb the CO2 that is being produced by the people who are living there. Having an area that has a diverse population of trees and plants will also bring in a diverse population of animals which can liven up a neighborhood. The environment is a place that everybody should be responsible for keeping clean, and it is essential for people to have a place that is clean and that they can enjoy.
In the acers that I was given to transform into a park I have decided to make it into a place where people can come and relax, enjoy the sounds of birds and if they want can have a wonderful picnic. The area doesn’t have any intense hills, however, there is a lowland area. I propose that the area be turned into a pond. This pond would not be for swimming in, but for the animals that come so they can drink from it or swim in it. Having a pond can attract animals like ducks to come and bring in other diverse animals.
In the park there will be three different types of trees sporadically placed around the park as well as five different types of flowers around the pond. Around the picnic area there are going to be five Shade trees, providing shade over the picnic area. There will also be two Cottonwood and Oak trees on the boarder of the park by the library side. The flowers that are going to be surrounding the…

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