Benefits And Implications Of Gene Therapy

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Report begins: The point of existence for a species is to survive and reproduce. The human race is a thriving species with a population that is forever increasing. One of the biggest problems for the human race is curing or preventing diseases that reduce the quality of life and even kill the individuals affected by it. An example of a disease is Adenosine Deaminase deficiency (ADA) which is a very rare disease that creates a poor immunity in the individual affected due the the lack of the enzyme adenosine deaminase. This is an enzyme that is used to break up toxic substances. Without breaking up these substances the cells used to keep up immunity in the individual are destroyed therefore leaving them with a lapsed immune system being unable …show more content…
However, gene therapy also carries many implications that may be harmful for the patient. When the viral vector is inserted into the body it can be very dangerous as a viral vector is made up of a modified virus which the body is normally programmed to attack; in the case of ADA this is not probable as the immune system of the individual is already hindered. If the virus enters the wrong cells and damage them and prevent them from working correctly. This means that the health of the individual is jeopardised as they are at risk of organ failure (due to cell being unable to work correctly) and also in some cases other diseases. If a cell is prevented from working but continues to multiply it may cause tumors/cancer which is a serious health risk. As the virus used to make the viral vector was originally unmodified, there is still a possibility that it may revert back to the original duty and therefore infect the patient with another disease that would most likely reduce the health of the individual and their well being. Before undergoing gene therapy it is very important that the patient has knowledge of these implications as they have the ability to be very dangerous however depending on the severity of the ADA that the person would depend on the risks that they are willing to take. If …show more content…
With more individuals being saved the longer they live and therefore the more time to reproduce so better survival of the species. (link to enzymes…)
Less people born with disease so more people being unaffected and being able to live longer and reproduce more. As people selectively breed against the mutated gene for ADA, the less common the gene will become and therefore over time the gene may become extinct therefore is evolution.

Both - Eco-systems – more people = more competition for resources = possible reduction in other species or even extinction.
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SB decreases genetic biodiversity – cutting out the alleles of those who would have reproduced had they not had

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