Benedict Arnold Research Paper

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Jackson Lane
Professor Lamaree
HIS 121 – 8:05am class
August 2015
Benedict Arnold
Benedict Arnold, too many was a patriot turned traitor, some say he was just loyal to his home country and he stood up for what he believes in. Arnold was born on January 14, 1741 in Norwich; Connecticut He was one of the many Benedict Arnolds to make an impact on the New World. People use the term “Your such a Benedict Arnold”, and most Know he was a traitor but no one knows the whole story. What Arnold did to his country was unfathomable and was completely unethical.
Arnold’s mother Hannah Waterman King was a wealthy widow before she married Arnold’s father. His family was well of for a while till a few business deals went south. Arnold attended Canterbury until he was withdrawn since he could not pay. While he was enrolled at Canterbury he lost some of his siblings to the yellow fever. He later became an apprentice to his cousin’s apothecary business. Arnold assumed responsibility for his father and sister following his mother’s death. His father was arrested repeatedly for drunkenness before his death in 1761. In reference to the Biography Benedict Arnold, “After his mother died Arnold assumed responsibility for his father and sister following his mother’s death And
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