Bending of Beams Experiment Report Essay

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ME 304 – Experimental Engineering Spring 2013

Lab Report

Experiment # 3

Bending of Beams

Section # ThTh12 Group # 1

Ömer Ege Çalışkan
Serhat Karakuz
Noyan Uğur Renda
Turgut Soydan


Abstract In this experiment, a simply supported beam is used and the variations of deflection of a simply supported beam with load, beam thickness and material are investigated. It is found that the deflection of the beam changes linearly with the load and as the beam thickness increases, the beam deflection decreases. In addition, since different materials have different modulus of elasticity, deflection of different materials under a specific load is different. Depending on the results of the experiment, it
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Experimental Procedure In this experiment, there are different beams lenghts and types are used. The reason for this experiment is carried on is to learn the applicability of the Euler-Bernoulli Beam Theory on loaded beams. There are 3 different steel beam are used to see the effect of different thickness to deflection. There also 3 different types of materials are used such as brass, steel and aluminum to see the effect of modulus of elasticity to deflection. As the first step; the steels beams are selected to be tested in an order as 3 mm, 4.5 mm and 6 mm. Before testing each steel beam, the deflection gage is set at zero (0) value. After placing the 3 mm steel beam on the experiment apparatus and the gage is set to zero value, the beam is subjected to some loading right in the middle section. Firstly, 2N load is applied and the displacement gage' s value is read. Then 2N more is applied, and total load achieved to 4N and the displacement value is read. This procedure is repeated by 2N weights until the total load is 8N. After measuring the 3 mm steel' s displacement values, we proceeded to 4.5 mm steel beam. The same procedure is also applied for both 4.5 mm and 6 mm steel beams. Secondly,

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