Essay On Religion In The 18th Century

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The 18th century was a crucial yet important time in our history and for religion. For the longest time, all the different colonies and tribes of Native Americans were in conflict with each other. But with the arrival of Edwards and Whitefield, all of these once thought of traditions were no longer to be used and practiced anymore. Edwards and Whitefield were both religious preachers but taught different religions. Which one of these religions the tribes and colonies chose was up to the leaders. These religions taught the same things, look out for each other, take care of one another, honor God, and try to do the best they knew how to give service to God. Edwards had the more memorial sermon that also sparked a lot of controversy. Many people …show more content…
Republicanism is saying that they do not want just one ruler to lead the country because that installs too much power to just one person. The new settlers were accustomed to this kind of leadership back in the homeland but were not fans of it so they wanted something new and that is where republicanism came into play. The British wanted to have their established leadership to be installed in the new world while the people that were currently living there did not. This was one of the main things that sparked the revolution. Other things that did was the fact they signed the declaration of independence without Britain know and they considered this treason and that is another thing that sparked this war. Ben Franklin played a huge role in ending the revolution and making America a republic instead of a dictatorship. For the longest time they did not know what they wanted but they knew that they did not want the kind of leadership that Britain had. The declaration of independence was a stand up for freedom document. They were tired of living under British rule and decided to break away from them and go towards a new direction. They also continued to agree to live at peace with one another and to protect their homeland if anyone tried to take it such as the British. They also left the document open so that they could add amendments to it thus changing it slightly to how the people wanted it and instilling more republican

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