Beloved, By Toni Morrison Essays

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Thesis: In the novel, Beloved, by Toni Morrison, the character Beloved represents an idolic, messianic figure for Denver and Sethe.

“Master in Heaven” quote (could be into) ***would need to include qutoe from book (check pages)

Since Sethe killed Beloved, she is haunted by guilt, which creates the spirit in 124. Sethe creates Beloved to be what she needs her to be; the ghost of her dead daughter. ****ADD BABY SUGGS QUOTE***By having the ghost represent her daughter, Sethe gets a chance to redeem herself, to recompense for her sin: murdering her own. She needs Beloved to be the ghost of her dead child, her sanction, her savior ; her messiah. Not only is Beloved a messianic idol for Sethe, but for Denver as well. When Sethe was nursing Denver, Denver had taken "her mother 's milk right along with the blood of her sister"(****). Denver’s seemingly accidental drinking of her sister’s, Beloved’s, blood, is nearly parallel to the taking of Christ 's blood in the sacrament of communion. During a communion, Catholics drink wine, which is used as to symbolizes Jesus’s blood from his death, and the sacrifice of himself to and for Catholics. As a result, “Catholics are expected, according to their religion, to live their lives in the ways of Christ, striving ultimately to be one with him; to hunger for him”. Denver, like all other children, had the instinct to nurse on her mother’s breast and drink her mother 's milk, but has instead been fed the blood of her murdered…

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