Bella Closed : History Textbook Essay

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Bella closed the U.S History textbook. “I HATE THIS CLASS! NONE OF THIS STUFF MAKES SENSE TO ME AND IT’S NOT LIKE ANYONE IS EVER GOING TO TALK ABOUT THIS AFTER JUNE 17TH ANYWAY”. Bella groaned and aloud and Bella got up from her desk and fell forward onto her bed, Bella’s eyes got heavier and heavier and all she could mutter was “who cares about the American Revolution? It’s not like it affected history anyway.” As Bella fell asleep into dream land, she awoke in a Revolutionary battle field.

After waking up, Bella was still trying to comprehend what was happening. She thought she was dreaming until a soldier pushed her over on accident and she fell onto the ground. She was shocked; Bella tried to run for cover as shots and cannons were firing toward her. After the battle, she was shaking so badly, she got up and saw all the blood and dead bodies, she bolted behind a tree and was crying. After a few hours, she still had no idea what was going on. When she was walking around, she tried to get some answers from the soldiers and everyone ignored her, she thought she was invisible, it was because she was a woman. She asked one more time and the solider responded, his name was Shawn an 18 year old who signed up a month ago. She asked what year it was and he said “1775, and the battle that just went on was Lexington and Concord.”

They continued to talk, and Shawn asked her a few questions that she did not feel comfortable in answering with real answers, so she lied. She…

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