Essay about Being a Stay at Home Mother-Exemplification

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Have you ever heard that people believe that being a stay at home mom isn’t a job? Have you ever been told that any job is more difficult than being a mother? I’m pretty sure I have heard it all. A stay at home mother must be able to multi-task, it is physically demanding, and you are responsible for others’ lives aside from your own, making the job of a stay at home mother a difficult one.
As a mother you must know how to juggle many tasks at once. I have three children, a four year old little girl and two little boys. A normal day in my household consists of cooking, cleaning, changing diapers, teaching, bathing, singing, and playing. For some people I am sure you are thinking that doesn’t seem so hard, but what if you were trying to
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I am usually the first one awake and the last one asleep. I am constantly throwing my children up in the air just to get a little giggle out of them. I also bend and lift my twenty eight pound, my thirty two pound and my forty two pound children a few dozen times each child a day. Toddlers have more energy than most people dream of having. I never stop running after mine. In one day, I believe it is safe to say I run about three miles and I do about one hundred weight lifting repetitions. I would be lucky if I got all of my children down for a nap at the same time. You may think that I would get a break while they sleep, but my job never ends. While they sleep I am picking up after them, I am preparing to cook for our next meal, or running up and down the stairs to get the car ready to go out for the day. Most people cannot function without seven to eight hours of sleep. A mother is lucky if she gets just a few consecutive hours a night. On a nightly basis in my home, one of the three children will wake up throughout the night. For Logan, he lost his pacifier, for Landen, his arm fell asleep and for Liliana, she has a nightmare about her mommy dying. Regardless of the reason, it takes just about the same amount of time to get them to calm down and go back to sleep taking about twenty minutes of precious sleep away from me every time one of them wakes up. Eventually, the lack of sleep takes a toll on your health and ability to function. Regardless of how much

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