Being Rich And Feeling Rich Essay

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Being rich and feeling rich are two different things. In my personal experience , I have observed that the rich live middle-class lifestyle , and some of the middle and upper class people live a prosperous life . Many wealthy people feel uncomfortable with their wealth , because they can not handle it , while some rich people live a simple life comfort . Often hear the phrase , " people are born rich do not pay attention to their" rich ", and who have become valuable " rich " means for some rich people rich have expensive things , because it reflects their " richness " , a person might not notice your wealth by your account balance , or your property , but they can take note of your wealth , clothes by your own car or perfume , see you wear . people who "show off" their rich all the time just to buy expensive things , but people who "value" of the rich to buy only when they need expensive things. Under these circumstances it may not be true all the time . Richer people buy expensive things , just so they can afford it. You can see the poor people can not buy expensive goods . It all depends on their ideology .
So , I would say , how do you spend also depends in part on how you grew up. Most individual specific and can not be easily promoted.
One very popular myth, almost all middle class people think that is expensive , designer clothing is really just an extra name, that things are just unnecessarily expensive vanity purchase . In most cases, this is not true . First of…

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