Being Inherently Good Essay: Being Inherently Good Or Evil

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Being Inherently Good

This has been a long argument for many years that people have tried to pin point an answer to. Not only has there been many debates on being inherently good or evil there is much evidence that humans are inherently good. Human nature means the ways of thinking, feeling and acting that are common to most people. It is our base mentality to be inherently good. We are born in this world with love and happiness. Human beings are inherently good.
From evidence around the world it is said that evil is taught and learned through society and environment and not inherently. There are also choices that are made to become evil even though we have much goodness and happiness within humanity some people choose to commit evil acts
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Inherently evil is said that humans are born with hate, violence and crime. Just plain evil. And that goodness is the result of conscious activity. “He is born with feelings of envy and hate, and if he indulges these, they will lead him into violence and crime, and all sense of loyalty and good faith will disappear.” (Hsun Tzu pg.84) The part of a man which cannot be learned or acquired by effort is called the nature: but that which is experience or learned is said to be conscious activity says Hsun Tzu “Similarly, since a man’s nature is evil, it must wait for the instructions of a teacher before it can become upright, and for the guidance of ritual principles before it can become orderly.” (Hsun Tzu pg.85) It is stated that humans are inherently evil. That in order for them to become good it must be taught to them through culture and experience. And if they do not have someone to teach them good then they will return to their human nature and be evil. A man’s nature can be learned through experience and through one’s own culture. But that just goes to say that they can either be taught about good or evil. It’s their own choice to choose what they learn. Evil is caused by the actions that a person would be a result of ignorance of their environment or of their culture. Humans are inherently good by the way we think, feel and act and it …show more content…
I have given much detail into what many people have thought to be the meaning of inherently good. Many people believe that we are bad from the start but that couldn’t be more than the truth we have so much good embedded in us that if we are evil now we wouldn’t have a hard time returning back to are human nature of being good. Don’t get me wrong there is much evil in this world but that doesn’t mean that humans inherit that. Evil is not something that you are born with it is something that you obtain over the years through experience. Therefore, proving that my argument that the human race is inherently good is

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