Being Disobedient

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What factors contribute to one being disobedient?
Previous knowledge and research has shown that specific situations are commonly known as the cause of one’s actions. There are multiple reasons related to the idea that one would be disobedient. According to one’s beliefs, the beginning of humankind began with an act of disobedience. Adam and Eve were the first human beings on Earth, and Eve was the first to disobey, by eating fruit from the forbidden tree. Many situations can encourage someone who is normally obedient, to be disobedient. Many factors contribute to one being disobedient, and can promote one becoming genocidal. An example that contributes to one being disobedient, would be someone who is being mistreated by another person or others, so his only option is to disobey, or lash back, in order to obtain freedom. This relates to the movie Cool Hand Luke, and how Luke undergoes mistreatment by the guards, and how he strikes back to escape the prison camp one time and one time only, but three.
Luke kept escaping and
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253).” In Cool Hand Luke, Luke perfectly demonstrates this trait. The first two times Luke escapes, he escapes the prison alone without looking back. Luke runs to save himself just as many people would do (Carrol & Rosenburg, 2008). “Disobedience as a Physiological and Moral Problem,” written by Erich Fromm, also brings in the example of the Holocaust. The people Hitler used were brainwashed and convinced that they were doing what was necessary to protect their country (Fromm, 1981/2009, p. #). Like Luke, in Cool Hand Luke, Hitler’s followers were also trying to protect themselves, along with their country. Luke’s situation and the civilians partaking in the Holocaust were disobeying due to the simple fact they wanted to protect something as Sartwell’s information

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