Essay on Being Dead By Jim Crace

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In his 1999 novel, Being Dead, Jim Crace writes about a married middle-aged Zoologists couple, Celice and Joseph; victims of a brutal murder. The couple met as graduate students and spent a summer at Baritone Bay with four other students doing research. As Zoologists, Joseph and Celice observes animal life’s developments: studying the animal’s behavior, habits, interaction—the way the animals live their life on earth, and nothing more after. The novel begins with their return to Baritone Bay where their plans to recreating their romance; however, cut short by a thief who bludgeoned them to death with a chunk of granite. Their bodies lie undiscovered and decomposing for six days, prey to swag flies, crabs, and gull; ironically, Joseph and Celice’s study subjects happens to consume them; giving the saying “circle of life” meaning to nature rather than life after death. The novel then splits off onto three narrative threads, the first of which concerns the six days during which their bodies remain undiscovered on the beach. A second sequence traces the couple’s meeting, Celice’s initial assumption about Joseph until she hears him singing one night, and her tenacity to seduce him soon after. The last narrative of which introduces, Syl, the couple’s bald waitress daughter; she lives life aimlessly and has long disappointed her parents. Once notified that they have not appeared for their lectures by Joseph’s secretary, the daughter begins a search for them with a cab…

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