Being An Immigrant Is Not Easy Essay

1503 Words May 9th, 2015 null Page
Being an immigrant is not easy. Growing up in a foreign place where one does not speak the language and is completely unfamiliar to the culture can definitely put oneself in isolation. Identity has been one major issue for most minorities and immigrants. Should they maintain their culture or should they conform? This is why community is crucial for them as it is the closest thing they have to their homeland, especially for the immigrant youths who are in a constant battle in adapting to the American lifestyle while still trying to maintain their roots. There are a number of programs that could provide the sense of belonging for these immigrants, and a community-based after-school program is one of them. Although community-based after-school programs have caused racial tensions and segregation among other ethnic groups, there may be benefits of after-school programs that are community-based and made specifically for the immigrants, especially for the U.S community. By considering how these programs decrease violence amongst youth, encourage the development of ethnic identity and cultural celebration, as well as cultivate the development of self-worth and self-acceptance, community-based after-school programs not only promote the positive development for immigrant youths, but could also have community benefits.
After-school programs have played a crucial part in the history of education in the United States. These programs were born in the latter half of the 19th century when…

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