Being A Good Friend With Substance Abuse Essay

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Back in nineteen-ninety-three I lost a good friend to substance abuse, his name was Jose. We used to be very good friends, we did a lot of things together. We loved hunting, fishing, playing sports and most of all; playing music. He was far from being the typical male; in fact, he was considerably good at everything. He played the guitar like the angels, he was also very smart and funny and possessed many, many talents, Oh, did I mention that he was also very popular with the opposite sex?
Jose had no problem engaging in new or dangerous sports. Making friends was his hobby and had no problems doing so; he was a very sociable individual, “everybody loved Jose”. In my opinion, he had an almost, if not perfect life. Sad to say, he lost it to a methamphetamine addiction. He died after only a few months of dependency. He overdosed at only twenty-three-years old.
Meth, crystal, ice and speed could be considered cocaine for the poor. Methamphetamine has many different names. It is considered a highly-addictive-chemical. The Japanese created this chemical compound to incite the kamikaze pilots to crash their planes into American ships in world-war-two. It gave the fighters the endurance to fight such battle, a drug that won’t let you sleep, and eating is out of context, the euphoria is indescribable. The fact that Japanese people have a big sense of honor mixed with valor juice. Giving their-own lives was no problem. Methamphetamine was the perfect drug, especially if you are to…

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