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Coffee is a life saver for most people in the morning. Sometimes you just need that extra kick of caffeine to start your day, however many people hardly know what exactly they’re consuming. Some don 't know where it came from, the benefits, harmful effects, etc. I am here to tell you all about it, starting with the origin. Coffee is a drink of precision, and of intellect. To truly understand this drink one must go back in time where it was discovered in Ethiopia And then brought to the Arab region around the sixteenth century, then finally traveled to western Europe where it was closely observed and mastered in time. The European Food Safety Association reviewed the science of the effects of caffeine and for purpose
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Most of the coffee comes from Brazil, but Vietnam, Indonesia, and colombia are not that far behind, only by a few bags . Coffee is the firsts most valuable food import and the second in commodity. The coffee industry keeps growing everyday, and it is actually really cheap and affordable making it even better.The average store sells about two hundred to three hundred cups of coffee a day. If there are about twenty thousand coffee shop businesses(SBDCNet.) there would be about three hundred thousand cups of coffee served a day in the U.S. Ranging from fifty to sixty cents per pound, no wonder why the U.S alone has over one hundred and thirty million consumers. Coffee is crucial to the economics and politics of many developing countries; for a lot of the world’s least developed countries, exports of coffee are an account for more than fifty percent of their foreign exchange earnings,(ICO.). The production and labor of coffee are pretty fair from big factory workers to small family farmers making decent profits and working in good conditions. The condition for farmers and workers vary and all depend on where you live, such as in Colombia, Brazil, Or Uruguay are all pretty humid and hot so the working conditions might not be the

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