Being A Child Of Divorced Parents Essay example

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Being a child of divorced parents I would have to agree with the statement of communication being the main reason for the decline of the family unit in the United States. I was eight when my father and mother divorced, as I remember it was a long and bitter process. At the time I was too young to understand the causes of why this was happening, but many years later, after my parents became friends and I entered my adult years both my parents talked to me openly about the reasons for the divorce. Of course, there was more than one reason for the divorce, but the one thing I always remembered both my parents telling me was they stopped talking for the final few years, and neither was listening, the end result was the divorce. The irony of it all is they became very close friend’s years later and one often go to each other for advice in their new lives.
My opinion on the importance of communication comes from personal experiences as a child of divorce and in my current marriage with children that I live now. There is a lot of research that supports my views on this subject. Blood (2014) used a study conducted by the Journal of Family Issues, it showed that divorced couples said that communication problems was the main reason that eventually lead to divorce. The communication problems between the father and mother eventually spreads and works its way down the children as well causes further damage within the family unit. Beth (2013) states that understanding the function of…

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