Essay Being A Certified Nursing Assistant

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Being a certified nursing assistant (CNA) for elderly comes with many challenges, and I didn’t discover this until after did my clinical at a nursing home. There, I observed many opportunities for learning and growth in long-term care. With the permission of my instructor, I explored around and had a little time to communicate with the senior citizens. I continued to make observations and found that communicating with the elderly presents difficulties that impact the CNA’s ability to implement routine care. Communication barriers can create stress and tension between CNAs and senior patients. These barriers are derived from various factors, such as differences in cultures and languages. Additionally, communication barriers may also result from senior patients who feel aggrieved at having lost some forms of functionality and consequently are dependent on facility care.
Due to my previous experience in senior care; I had given an opportunity to care for a lovely 88-year-old woman by the name of Ms. Smith. Ms. Smith was exceptionally sharp and appeared to be very healthy and youthful compared to what most would typically expect for her age. One day, I took Ms. Smith to the dining room for breakfast. Glancing at the meal she ordered, I realized that all her selections were healthy; she ordered oatmeal with a cup of fat-free milk, one banana, and a single slice of whole grain toast with peanut butter. As I served her food, I asked if she needed help feeding herself, but…

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