Behavioral Therapy : A Effective Intervention For Client Suffering From Depression

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Cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT focuses on the thinking and behaviors that that lead to depression and anxiety. This therapy will address these patterns through several interventions that are intended to change and alter these thoughts and behaviors that contribute to your unhappiness. We will look at thoughts that are unhelpful and lead to your depression and social anxiety. By following the treatment plan and fully engaging in the interventions the goal is to reduce the symptoms of depression and social anxiety.
“CBT targets the beliefs surrounding your fears. In these sessions you will learn how to recognize negative thoughts and approach social situations. You will gradually be able to face the situations you have been afraid of in the past. Over time, it is our goal for you to feel anxious and more confident in social situations.
CBT for depression is a highly effective intervention for client suffering from depression. CBT begins by identifying and addressing behaviors that contribute to depression. Our focus will be providing you the tools for thinking more realistically and helping you feel better.” Interventions for Social Anxiety
- Social Skills Training – social skills training is designed to help increase positive behaviors and communication from the client to others. This training involves teaching client skills necessary for common social activities such as meeting new people, initiating conversations, job interviews, and dating.

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