Essay on Behavioral Theories Of Behavioral Health Technician

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Behavioral Health Technician

There are many as 18.2% people in US suffers from some type of mental illness,enduring conditions, such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and more illnesses but those are the main ones. Mental Health is the state or quality of the mental processes that either promotes health or determines potential risks towards one well-being. Behavioral Health problems include substance use disorders. 46 percent of people have mental illness all throughout their lives. There are many of ways to get help if you or a loved one has a mental disorder.

A behavioral health technician helps doctors and nurses with the treatment of patients who have traumatic experiences. You can become a behavioral technician without a bachelor 's degree if they have experience working with a mental health field. An applicant with an associate’s degree in a field related health, such as psychology or substance abuse. You only need two years of experience. An Applicant with a bachelor 's degree can a earn a position with one of experience in the mental health profession.

A candidate with a master’s degree in a behavioral science can be hired directly out of college. Students can also do some internships to give them even more experience. In order to work in this field you have to be patient, compassionate, empathetic, understanding, and supportive. The environment can be dangerous, threatening, but overall you have a good support of staff members.

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