Essay about Behavioral Health At Hcpc And Being Assigned Unit 2e

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Before starting Behavioral Health I would say to myself “I am not going to like it, this won’t be for me.” I was hesitant, very close minded, and had no desire to go to clinicals. I was afraid I was mentally weak and that patients could easily manipulate me. To my surprise, that was not the case. Instead, I was able to develop a therapeutic relationship with each patient taking into consideration that they are just like you and me, except they have a mental illness that prevents proper judgement. However, I realized that I am too comfortable around mentally ill patients, which was not how I was on the first day of Behavioral Health.
I can recall my first day of Behavioral Health clinicals at HCPC and being assigned to unit 2E. This unit holds patients with a combination of mental disorders ranging from bipolar disorder to schizophrenia and drug abusers. I can close my eyes and remember standing with my back to the nursing desk and being threatened by a patient stating, “I am going to kill you.” In the moment, I felt tense and kept thinking to myself “Don’t pay attention to her, she is just trying to intimidate you. Try your best not to show fear.” Even though, deep down inside I was scared that she might hurt me or my classmates. After that day, I told myself I am going to approach patients without fear and be more conscious of my body language. I want to be aware of my body language. I want to be more welcoming. I knew being more approachable would facilitate my…

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