Behavior Management : Is It Ties Up? Essay

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“The more attention a school pays to rules and procedures regarding its physical environment and routines, the fewer chances there are for disruption and misbehavior” (Marzano, Marzano, & Pickering, 2003). In my readings this week, this statement stood out to me because it ties up everything I read about behavior management in one sentence. As educators or administrators, it is most important that we ensure the safety of our students both inside the classroom and also throughout the school at all times. The second most important concept in behavior management is communicating the rules and procedures to the students, as well as the parents, and training the staff so that each person is on the same page. Marzano and the Association for Supervision and Curriculum (2005) discuss several ways to communicate the expectations to the students, parents, staff, and visitors: school-wide assemblies, classroom visits by administrators, posters throughout the common areas and in classrooms, student handbook and school newsletter entries, and periodic reminder letters home to parents from the principal. Each and every one of these methods should be used on a regular basis to ensure students are aware of the rules and procedures, but it does not stop there. The rules and procedures that are being communicated must also be enforced to ensure safety to everyone at all times on school grounds. This can be easier said than done as it is easy to “turn the other cheek” to some things than to…

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