Bedside Shift Report : Increasing Patient Safety And Satisfaction

2083 Words Nov 18th, 2016 9 Pages
Aubree Sherbourne
Kent State University

Introduction Throughout this paper we are going to look at Bedside shift report, also known as BSSR. As nurses, it is important to look at patient safety, and satisfaction in depth, and what we can do to help increase these. In the following paragraphs BSSR will be looked at in several different ways. Literature supporting the increase of safety and satisfaction of patient’s can be found throughout the paper, as well as implementation plans, and education plans for the implementation of BSSR throughout hospitals, and other patient care areas. This Capstone Presentation will address several different aspects of BSSR, and how as nurses we can implement BSSR, or perfect our current usage of BSSR.
BSSR is a new and upcoming topic in the nursing world. While this is something that was developed years ago, it has just recently started becoming a requirement in most hospitals. I chose to look at BSSR for my capstone project for several different reasons. Recently the hospital that I work for began to require nurses to stop giving shift report in the nurse’s station, and to start giving shift report in the rooms. The reason behind this new policy was increased HHCAP scores and increase in patient safety. “According to The Joint Commission, an estimated 80% of serious medical errors are attributable to miscommunication between caregivers when…

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