Essay about Bedrooms Upstairs And Three Upstairs

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There were three bedrooms downstairs and three upstairs. Each had a bathroom inside. However, downstairs there was an extra bathroom should they have company. It’s an upscale brownstone and very well put together. There was a living room, kitchen, den, recreation room, and a library. All were very spacious and with all who lived there you wouldn’t exactly be on top of each other. Attached to the brownstone were a pool house, small apartment house and patio. He took her outside and showed her the deck which led to a peaceful lake. The grounds are gated and secure.

Jacob didn’t offer the pool house to Jada because he felt the crew living inside the main building would be just what she needed. Besides, he didn’t want her to feel isolated as that wouldn’t be good for her state of mind. He knew she needed a change right now to get herself together.

It was cold outside but Jada wanted to look at the lake.
She said, “Jacob, it’s so beautiful out here.”
He smiled, “Yes it is. It seems that you may like it.”
She looked at him, “I will.” He could still see the sadness in her eyes.
Jacob remarked, “One day at a time, Jada.”
She nodded in agreement.
He then asked, “You miss him?”
That broke her…she sobbed. Jacob put his arms around her then.

Later on that evening she and Jacob were sitting in the den area. Jada seems at a calmer state.

He said, “I need to let you know something.”
Jada looked at him with fear in her eyes.
He laughed. “It’s nothing bad. I…

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