Bed Bugs Essay

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Chapter 1 - Resurgence
Bed bugs are back in a big way. In the past 15 years their numbers have exploded. In the past, bed bugs ceased to be a problem in North America but they were still alive and well in other countries. Today, their numbers are on the rise again due to travel and immigration from countries that never managed to get rid of them like we did. The bed bug can now be found in every U.S. state. Unfortunately, once you have bed bugs, you’re going to need help.
Bed bugs are very tough and while they are not considered a major threat to your health, they can cause infection because their bites are very itchy, and scratching can also leave scars. Some people also experience allergic reactions to the
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If items are too small or too large for your machines, place them in the hot sun to kill the bed bugs.
2. Vacuum - use a strong suction wand to vacuum all areas of your mattress and box spring, particularly the seams. Also vacuum in all the areas that rarely get touched such as along the edge of carpets, under baseboards, and in other difficult areas where the bed bugs may hide. When you are done, take the vacuum outdoors and remove the bag. Repeat your vacuuming daily as there will likely be areas that are missed the first time around.
3. Spray with alcohol – fill a spray bottle with 100% isopropyl alcohol and spray all the surfaces in the bedroom. Alcohol kills bed bugs on contact.
4. Steam – use a portable steam cleaner to penetrate in all the cracks and crevices that would be impossible to reach otherwise and may be harboring bed bugs and their eggs.
5. Buy a bed bug proof encasement – slide your treated mattress into a high quality fabric bed bug encasement and zip it up. Even if you missed one of the little pests, the zippers are designed to prevent any form of bed bug from escaping. Bugs trapped inside encasements will eventually die due to starvation.
6. Buy bed bug interceptors – these special platforms or cups are designed to stop bed bugs from crawling up your bed frame. Place them under the legs or base of your bed.
7. Define areas – move throughout your home systematically and separate furniture and items that have been treated from

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