Becoming A Better Brother Or Sister Essay

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Become a Better Brother or Sister - VisiHow." VisiHow. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 Oct. 2016.
The first internet source was it suggested that I spend more time with my brother and participate in things together we both enjoy. Some main suggestions from were saying sorry for things, spending quality time with them, not being be selfish, and just showing them how much you love them. One of the tips suggested saying sorry for the wrong-doings can really bandage up the relationship in an instant. Not being selfish is important in any relationship, it’s critical to share and do things for each other. During the experiment if I had extra food or go to the store I would ask my brother if he wanted anything. Another example is showing how much you love your sibling is always a must and we forget to do that sometimes. This website was set with the most important tips first and then a description below them and how to conduct the tips given. It even listed activities that brothers and sisters typically do and enjoy together. It also included frequently asked questions about the typical relationship between a brother and sister. This website was very helpful during the few weeks of experimenting. This source provided many good ideas and suggestions in making our relationship better and now we actually enjoy spending time together and learning new things about each other. The website illustrated all the small things we forget in sibling relationship.
This website also…

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