Unrealistic Body Image Essay

Millions of young girls dream of becoming a model. For centuries, companies have used attractive models to help sell their products, such as clothing. Although the fashion industry seems harmless and fun, it creates many problems in society. Most companies like Calvin Klein, Levi’s, and Victoria’s Secret use the sexual appeal of advertising by portraying extremely skinny models who have been photoshopped to hide their flaws. The fashion industry negatively affects the mental health of teens through lack of diversity, cultural appropriation, and unrealistic body images.

Over the past few years, society has become more accepting with diversity and differences. Unfortunately, the fashion industry lacks diversity of their models. When thinking
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The average model is seen as tall and skinny, but everybody comes in different shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, young girls try to do everything they can to become “perfect” even when their bodies haven’t fully developed. Also, these kids look up to many people in social media like the Kardashians who have gone under many surgeries to get their figure. This sends a negative message to girls that in order to be beautiful, they should do everything they can to change themselves. The unrealistic body images don’t only negatively affect young girls. Some older women go through plastic surgery to achieve the “perfect body”. Body images cause several issues. Some being eating disorders and self consciousness in young girls. These girls are exposed to unrealistic body images at such a young age and look at themselves in shame. Some girls even resort to starving themselves to lose weight. But not only does the fashion industry damage the confidence of the audience, but it can also damage the confidence of the models. In 2014, Calvin Klein released an ad “Calvin Klein’s First Plus Sized Model” where an image showcased model Myla Dalbesio who is a size 10 which caused a huge amount of people to make angry posts claiming the ad would cause more eating disorders. The model herself broke the silence and spoke out about the pressure to lose weight in her early career. Notwithstanding the negative aspects of unrealistic body images, models can be used as motivation to lose weight and prevent

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