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BCOM 275 Final Exam Guide 4 Sets BCOM 275 Final Exam Set 1 1) A receiver’s response to a sender’s message is called
2) The term channel in communication means
3) The message refers to which of the following?
4) This happens when you receive, construct meaning from, and respond to the sender’s message.
5) When the receiver uses this response style, he clarifies or seeks more information.
6) This response style normally does not help unless the sender has asked for your advice.
7) A claim is generally not
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20) A framework for putting all of your information together in a logical sequence is called
21) What type of language is used when communicating with classmates, coworkers, family, and friends?
22) The individuals you are most likely to influence with your persuasive presentation are referred to as your
23) Persuasive topics that attempt to show an audience that something is good, bad, right, or wrong are topics of
24) If you try to persuade your classmates to donate canned goods for the hungry in your community, your topic is one of
25) When you lead, instruct, challenge, or introduce your audience to act on or accept your solution, you are at which step of Monroe’s Motivated Sequence?
26) When you display ethos in your persuasive presentation, you have 27) What logical fallacy can occur when a speaker focuses on similarities and ignores significant differences?
28) Groups that value higher power distance believe relationships are
29) Deliberately blaming individuals or groups for things they really did not do is called
30) An attempt to characterize causes of events to either personalities or external situations is called
31) The practice of using a case that has already been decided as a guide when deciding new cases is referred to as
32) A value judgment requires this type of assessment.
33) What is the belief that laws are justified if they prevent a person from harming him- or herself known as? BCOM 275 Final Exam Guide Set 2 1) The term

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