BCH2333A Syllabus Winter 2015 1 Essay

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Welcome to BCH 2333!

Course description: The chemistry and biological properties of amino acids, proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, carbohydrates, and vitamins. The course includes laboratory and tutorial sessions.

Prof: Dr. Christopher Boddy
Office: Room 116 D’Iorio Hall
Tel: (613) 562-5800 extension: 8970
Email: cboddy@uottawa.ca *Please put BCH2333 in the subject line*

Web Site: the course website is on Blackboard
I will use the website to post assignments, useful documents, links, etc.
I strongly encourage you to post course-related questions on the class discussion forum in Blackboard and to answer your colleagues’ questions.
I will also use Blackboard to post your unofficial
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Homework assignments will be posted on virtual campus on Fridays. Answers will be posted two weeks after each assignment is posted. Be sure to understand any differences between your answers and the posted answers.

Texts: Biochemistry, 4th Edition, Voet & Voet (recommended) Hardcover ISBN 978-0-470-57095-1 Loose-leaf ISBN 978-0-470-91745-9 eBook ISBN 978-0-470-91410-6 Biochemistry, 4th Edition, Mathews, Van Holde, Appling, & Anthony-Cahill (alternative text) Hardcover ISBN 978-0-13-800464-4

You can also get earlier editions of the texts or similar textbooks.

Steps to Success in Biochemistry

1. Read the relevant sections in the text before the class. 2. Review your notes as soon as possible after each class. I will return your midterms as soon as possible, and you should review them as soon as possible too (aim to do this within a week at the most).

3. Write the key concepts in your own words.
a. Ask yourself questions like “why does that work?” and “how does that work?”
b. Try to identify the underlying concepts

4. Practice regularly:
a. DO the assignments! If you copy the correct answer from a Facebook post, you are not giving yourself a chance to learn the material. Write out the answers as well as answering the questions online. It casn help with retention of the material. Ask questions to your TAs, in class, or at office hours about questions and problems you don’t understand.
b. Do additional questions

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