Battle Of The Ants And Death Of Moth Essay

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Insects may the bane of some people’s existence, but the creatures are truly strong globes of energy, flitting to and fro. Thoreau and Woolf captured this essential spirit in their writing. In battle of the ants and death of moth, both writers observe other lifeforms, but the way in which they perceive the struggles vastly differs. According to an online biography, Thoreau’s exposure to Transcendentalism as well as his friend and mentor Ralf Waldo Emerson both shaped his writing to emphasize “the importance of empirical thinking and of spiritual matters over the physical world,” whereas Virginia Woolf’s parents raised her to be free-thinking, which resulted in her stream of consciousness writing style (Henry David Thoreau Biography).
TOPIC SENTENCE MY LOVE He had a relatively normal 19th century childhood, but as he grew older, his relationship with his brother made Thoreau realize the fleeing accompaniment of friendship and this is reflected in his writing. As stated in many sources online, Thoreau was born and raised alongside his three siblings in 17th century Concord, Massachusetts by his working parents. He was closest to John Jr., his oldest brother who helped Thoreau pay his way through Harvard college. As all schools, this exposed him to many different texts and a completely different atmosphere than his hometown Concord, which in turn diversifies his writing, making him able to form more concrete thoughts due to a wider exposure to a different living and study…

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