Battle Of Shiloh Research Paper

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The Battle of Shiloh was fought on April sixth to April seventh in 1862, in southwestern Tennessee. The Union Generals were Ulysses S. Grant and Don Carlos Buell, the Confederate General was Albert Sidney Johnston. The Battle of Shiloh was considered the bloodiest battle of the Civil War with around 23,700 deaths in all. This was one of the first successful outcomes for the Union and sparked a light of hope for the fighting soldiers.

The battle begins with Confederate General Johnston initiating a surprise attack on General Grant’s base around the Shiloh Church. During the battle, Johnston was shot in the leg and bled to death, leaving General Pierre Gustave Beauregard in charge of the Confederates. As evening arose, Beauregard and his soldiers retreated to the Tennessee River, thinking they defeated Grant’s army and believing
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This event is known as Ruggels Battery. The many shots taken on the Union surprisingly did not kill many. Although, the shots taken toward the Union drove the soldiers towards the Confederates back at the Hornet’s Nest, and many Union soldiers were captured. Union General, Grant still had enough soldiers to defend against the Confederates, but this event still took the lives of many unlucky soldiers.

After the many shots and missiles being fired from both sides of the war, the Confederates surrendered around 5:30 p.m. on April seventh. The Battle of Shiloh ended with the Union victorious and left with some hope for the rest of the war. The two days of brutal fighting ended up killing about 24,000 soldiers. This battle made America realize that this war would not be ending anytime soon, and many of their friends and family members may be killed. Overall, although the Battle of Shiloh was a huge bloodshed to both sides of the war, it is a noteworthy battle that we still remember

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