Battle Of Gettysburg : Turning Point For The U.s. Essay

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Battle of Gettysburg: Turning Point for the U.S.

After Lee’s victory at the Battle of Chancellorsville,Virginia, in May 1863, Lee wanted to lead his Confederate army in their second invasion of the North the Gettysburg Campaign. Lee wanted to threaten Northern cities, weaken the North’s appetite for war and, especially win a major battle on Northern soil. Maj. Gen. Meade moved the Northern army between Lee and Washington D.C. When Lee found out the Meade was in Pennsylvania, Lee concentrated all of his army around Gettysburg ( Most people know that the Battle of Gettysburg was an enormous battle in the U.S at the time. When Lee had the crazy idea to take the fighting into Northern soil thats when everything was at stake because if the South did get into the North all of the North would be worrying about their family, and also worried about what would happen to their homes and all of their work. The South was worried that if they kept battling in the South then sooner or later the South would have to surrender because of all the damage that was caused there. The North was also worried about what would happen to the blacks knowing that they were also fighting for them and that if the South did get into the North then their was a risk that the blacks would not get what they call “freedom”.

The two armies collided west and north of the Gettysburg on July 1, 1863. Union cavalry under Gen. Buford slowed the Confederate advance until the Union got…

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