Battered Women Syndrome ( Bws ) Essay

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We, the Jury, find Delia Jones not guilty of manslaughter Sykes Jones, due to Battered Women Syndrome.
Battered Women Syndrome (BWS) is noted by signs or symptoms appearing in women who are not only mentally, but also physically abused over a prolonged period of time, by a husband or dominant partner. Sykes Jones abused Delia Jones for years. He would purposely go out of his way to bring her harm, both physically and emotionally.
It was clear that Sykes Jones did not care for his wife; he would constantly bring her down when she was in a good mood. This abusive relationship had been going on since two months after the wedding (Hurston 2). On several occasions before the crime took place, Sykes Jones terrorizes the defendant. Whether it is flaunting his mistress or terrifying her with his bullwhip. On one particular occasion he terrorizes her is when she was sound asleep, he came into their room and not only kicked her but snatched the cover off of her and said “Gimme some kivah heah, an’ git yo’ damn foots over on yo’ side! Ah oughter mash yo’ mouf fuh drawing dat skillet on me.” (Hurston 2). What Sykes Jones did to the defendant proves he did not care about her. Victims of Battered Women Syndrome tend to stay with their abuser because they have nowhere else to go.
Delia Jones was well known in her town, and she was the sole provider for Sykes Jones and herself. Everyone in town knew that she was a very good person. She was a hard worker and took everything she did…

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