Baseball Is The True Definition Of A Game Essay

1831 Words Nov 5th, 2016 8 Pages
Baseball has long been known as America’s Pastime. From the days of Babe Ruth to Nolan Ryan and other veterans succeeding, to rookies taking the game by storm recently, baseball is the true definition of a children’s game. Anybody, regardless of age, height, or weight, can play this beautiful game. Baseball is a sport that involves many instances of injury, especially the infamous Tommy John surgery that a large population of pitchers are getting done, as well as players wanting to better themselves and get an edge on their competition. Baseball recently has looked into the many areas of Exercise Science with new measurements and technology to reduce the amount and risk of injuries in today’s game, and increase the potential of the athletes. I was very interested in this area because of my major of Exercise Science, and being a baseball player. Sciences have always intrigued me, and baseball has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Exercise Science has helped baseball players get through injuries and progress as athletes because of the advancements in measurements and technology. Along with the throwing arm, one of the largest areas where injuries occur happens to be one of the largest parts of the body, the trunk. Trunk injuries have one of the highest percentages of any injuries in major league baseball. With the help of measurements that can be taken between the pelvis and upper trunk, Exercise Scientists are able to calculate measurements including the…

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