Baseball Is An All American Sport Essay

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Baseball is an all American sport that takes its pride in its patriotism. At one time American baseball was the number one sport to watch and follow in the United States. It was just as popular as American Football is today. It was considered a gentlemen’s game that held a high reputation for gamesmanship and sportsmanship. Baseball had a very powerful influence on society. During the 1940’s, baseball was majority played by white Americans. Thanks to Jackie Robinson, today baseball is one of the leading professional sports who employ minorities. Jackie Robinson was a professional athlete for the game of baseball, but what he came to understand was that he also had to play a totally different type game. A game that was more powerful than baseball, which was the mental game of life. There are very few people in this world that are gifted with the mental toughness as well as the physical skills to be successful. In a time where everyone around you wants you to fail, Jackie Robinson changed the way we played baseball as well as changed the way America viewed African Americans. Born on a cotton field plantations on January 31 1919 in Cairo, Georgia, he was the youngest of five siblings. His father abandoned his family at a young age, at that point his mother decided to leave Georgia and found a home in California. Growing up without a father, Jackie looked to his older brother as his father figure. As most little brothers do, he followed his older brother Mack…

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