Baroque Music And The Baroque Period Essay

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Baroque music is a style of music that came out of the Renaissance. The genre gets its name from the Portuguese word for 'broken pearl,’ some characteristics about the Baroque period is there is only one mood throughout the entire piece, many different forms are used, and there are many types of music. The composers of this time were also important. Three main composers of the baroque period were Johann Sebastian Bach, George Frideric Handel, and Antonio Vivaldi. The last thing about the Baroque period is the orchestra. To start off with, some the characteristics of the baroque period really stood out. The first characteristic I’m going to tell you about is that the composers had one mood through the entire piece of music. The composers in the baroque period attempted to communicate pure emotions in their music. The composers also never went by what they were feeling that day either. For example Bach never wrote a happy piece of music because he was happy that day. They wrote there music to perfectly expressed the range of human emotions. This characteristic is called the Doctrine of Affection. Another characteristic is that many different forms of music were used during this time. Chants, motets and many more were written in a single form and allowed for very little variations. Baroque music was a time of experimentation and expansion. Composers began writing pieces in many forms, most of which followed some kind of fast-slow-fast format. The last characteristic is that…

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