Barn Burning By William Faulkner Essay

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In the short story Barn burning by William Faulkner, it is about a family where Abner Snopes the father of Sartoris appears to be an arrogant and destructive person. Due to his jealousy he burns Mr. Harris’s barn where he doesn’t have any proof to put forth against Snopes. The judge warns Snopes to leave the county for his good where he agrees to do so. The family moves to a new home where Snopes along with Sartoris meets Major De Spain, the owner on whose land the family will work. Snopes dirties the rug of Spain’s house with manure. The next weekend Snope heads towards the court along with his two sons once again where, he was asked to pay ten extra bushels of corn for burning the barn and the rug. As Snope gets angry and violent, he reaches home and empties the kerosene into a five gallon container and secures a lit candle stub into the neck of a bottle. His plan was to burn the Major’s barn where Sartoris runs quickly to the major’s home blurting out the word “barn!” The major rode on his horse quickly and shot three shots at Snopes and he was killed. Abner Snopes seems to be a cold and violent person, influential and befouls everything he touches.
Abner Snopes, Sartoris’s father appears to be cold and violent towards his family and everyone whom he gets along in conversation. He has a harsh, emotionless voice towards Sartoris the youngest son of the family. He smacks Sartoris informing him to always be loyal towards his family. He is also found to be rude while…

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