Barbara Ehrienreich 's Nickel And Dimed Essay

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Considering our world today a huge percentage of people truly is living on low wage salaries. Barbara Ehrienreich came up with the book Nickel and Dimed On (Not) Getting by in America in the most paradoxical way. She was in a French country-style place that offers $30 for lunch with Lewis Lepham. They were talking about the future articles that she may write for especially in the side of poverty. Considering that price of $30, that is not really the best price for lunch so that made her tell the editor that someone should do old fashioned journalisms and try it themselves. The editor later then said that it should be her.

In the introduction it also explains that she did not came from a family that is well-off family. She said that her sister has gone through so much low paying jobs such as factory worker and a receptionist. Her husband, who got paid for $4.50 as a warehouse worker. Her father, uncle and grandfathers being a copper miner in Union Pacific. She stated in her book that it is not only an honor to sit in a desk and write but it is something to be grateful of.

In the introduction she also tried to compute what are the things she really needs, a home, food, gas and other things she might need. She came to a thought that will it really work out fine considering the salary she will get and all the expenses that may come. It reveals to us in this point that this study she wants to start is not going to be that easy.

Since Barbara has a degree on Biology PHD so she…

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