Barack Obama 's Speech On Race Essay

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Barack Obama used many strategies in his speech about race one in particular that he seem to use the most is plan folk. Plain Folk “I’m just like one of you” The propagandist sometimes tries to win our support by getting us to identify with him. He comes to town meetings, visits hospitals, and poses informally for photographs. Etc… Robert J. Gula, Nonsense (Axios Press, 2007), 27. This paper is criticizing and identifying these six emotional appeals, Plain folk, repetition, stereotyping, testimonial, earnestness and sincerity. Four logical fallacies including an deductive argument that was used in this speech.
Palin Folk stood out the most in the speech because Obama used his own biological roots for examples, he stated “I am the son of a black man from Kenya and a white woman from Kansas. I was raised with the help of a white grandfather who survived a Depression to serve in Patton 's Army during World War II and a white grandmother who worked on a bomber assembly line at Fort Leavenworth while he was overseas. “ he is opening up to his audience by letting them know that he indeed is black and he is just like them. This is a very courageous move, he is using this to show that America can change, given the back ground that African Americans had in the past, with slavery, racial or ethnic stereotypes, if America has indeed change then this should not be a problem. He is also showing repetition in his speech, by stating that race is an issue that America cannot ignore anymore,…

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